Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Pooch Parcel // Ruby & Duke

 I have tried a few beauty boxes since I started blogging but I think I was by far the most excited about this one and it wasn't even for me.

Ruby & Duke is a subscription service which provide one box each month stuffed full of premium treats & toys for your four legged friend. I'm a sucker for anything like this and after spotting a 50% off voucher I decided to give it a go and order one for my 2 year old lab Max.

First of all, you select the size of your dog so that you receive items that are suitable and then select how many months you would like the box for. You then eagerly await the postman every day which Max was more than happy to do!

Inside the box:
Billy & Margot Popcorn for dogs - Max was unsure about this at first but now it's one of his favourite treats and looks and smells like human popcorn. It contains fibre, is 100% whole grain and is gluten free.

Beco Pets Jungle Double Rope - Since receiving the box, I have been eyeing up a few toys on Beco Pets. They are a UK based company who provide affordable and eco friendly products for pets. Max has a few ropes that are similar to this but the Beco Pets one has lasted longer and I'll definitely be purchasing some more toys from them.

Beco Pets Spork -  Made from natural plant fibres and toxin free, Beco Pets have created a spork just for your pet. Max is usually fed dry dog food but I think this would come in really handy for anyone who uses sachets or tins or mashing up other ingredients to add in. It's also dishwasher safe.

Lily's Calming Baked Biscuit Treats - I spotted these straight away as I have heard of Lily's before and noticed the dog food range is now being stocked in my local Tesco.  Lily's dog food doesn't contain any over-processed ingredients like a lot of dog food on the market and Max really loves these treats. Max always has a good crunch on these and I feel comfortable using them as they don't contain any preservative or sweeteners which can often turn Max into 'Mad Max'!

Rosewood Toothbrush Sweet - Out of everything in the box, the toothbrush was by far Max's favourite. I think it was the squeaking he liked and since the weather had been much nicer he got to run about with it in the garden. It has now been chewed to bits which is Max's way of saying he approves!

All in all the box was great value for money at £10 (50% discount) as the contents amount to much more than this and I would struggle to find even just two toys under a tenner in most shops!
Max really enjoyed all of the items and even enjoyed playing with the empty box. He is spoiled and has a lot of toys already so I don't think I would subscribe to receive a box every month but its definitely a great treat and a good way to discover new brands that have your four legged friend best interests at heart.

You can find Ruby & Duke on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram :)



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