Monday, May 04, 2015

A little touch of Scotland

Last month I was very kindly sent this beautiful tweed make up bag from Scotsburn Croft's founder, Claire Ferguson.
Staring out in a little shed making a range of fashion accessories, Claire has always been inspired by her home in the highlands of Scotland. Over the last few years, the Scotsburn Croft range has grown to include beautiful & unique home furnishings and ceramics all hand made and inspired by her breath taking surroundings.  

The first thing I liked about the makeup bag is obviously the tweed. It's made from 100% wool and feels so soft. Its woven with nano sphere and after a quick google search I found out this is self cleaning technology and mimics the way certain plants repel water droplets and dirt. It's also water proof on the inside which is great to wipe clean.
Most of my make up bags are either smaller or a lot bigger than this but I find this one is actually a perfect size. I'm going away for a few days in June so I will definitely be taking this with me.

I think most Scottish people are quite patriotic and although we don't run around in oor jimmy hats drinking irn bru all day long, I do feel a sense of pride in using something that was made in Scotland and inspired by our beautiful country.
Where to find Scotsburn Croft: Website

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