Tuesday, January 06, 2015

My Wantfeed

A few months ago I stumbled upon Hannah Mags, her husband Stefan and their beautiful baby boy. The vlogs are filmed in a really lovely way and they have already become a favourite vlogging trio of mine! You can check out the vlogs here.

After finding the vlogs, I also recently found Wantfeed. Stefan is the founder of the website which allows you to easily create a social want list of just about anything you can think of or 'want'.

'Wantfeed lets you store and curate things from around the web into your own personal wantlist ... Let's put it this way: Wantfeed will stop you from ever getting socks for Christmas again...'

It's pretty simple: You add the 'Want' button to your browser and while your having a sneaky online shop before pay day and spot something you really want, just click the button and it'll be added to your want feed or copy and paste the URL into the search bar on the website. You could use it for an easy way to manage your wish list or to share with someone to give them birthday or Christmas present ideas.

When I first visited the website I added things to my want list from items that were already on the website and didn't realise you could add the button to your browser. This makes is easy to add things to your want list and I can see myself getting abit carried away! The website is still in the early stages but I think its a great idea. You can follow people on it so I will be having a nosey to see if I can find out what my favourite beauty bloggers are eyeing up! I have also been following some brands which is not going to help my bank balance!

There are a few of my friends and family that I always struggle with when it comes to presents and even though its too late for Christmas, it could come in handy if they had a wantfeed for birthdays or special occasions throughout the year.

You can find out more here or if you want to find me my username is @kferg so come and follow me and I will follow back/have a nosey at your want list :) xx