Thursday, February 06, 2014

My Beauty Product Wish List

At the end of last year I started a little wish list of beauty products I was lusting after. It's still going strong so I thought I would share some of the items on the list with you. The list is not only a way to stop me blowing my wages in Boots but to also separate the products I  just 'quite fancy' from the ones I really love.

RapidLash - I discovered this on amazon a few months ago. Its an eyelash enhancing serum which is meant to enhance the appearance of lashes and eyebrows by improving the length, thickness and volume whilst protecting against breakage. What girl doesn't want long, fluttery eyelashes? I've read great things about this serum but at £27.99, it remains on my wish list!

Clinique 'Take Off The Day' - I have had my eye on this bad boy for a while and after I spotted skin care guru Caroline Hirons singing its praises on twitter it shot straight onto my list. Suitable for all skin types, removes make up and at £17 I don't think you can go far wrong.

Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray - Oribe products were really popular amongst bloggers late last year. Zoella included some Oribe products in one of her favourites videos and after hearing her talk about it I was sold. Unfortunately the thickening spray wasn't sold on me and was being snapped up everywhere I looked! This would be perfect for someone like me who has very fine hair and sometimes just wants a little oomph!

Babyliss Curl Secret - I asked Santa if he would get me this contraption for Christmas but alas, it was sold out every where! It has now been restocked and as much as I try to persuade myself that the curling wand at half the price would do the job, I cant get this Babyliss beauty off my mind.

Hydraluron Boosting Mask - After the buzz around Hydraluron, Indeed Labs has now produced Hydraluron boosting masks which are essentially sheet masks for your face that are soaked in moisture boosting ingredients. The mask might look like something straight out of your worst nightmare but its meant to hydrate your skin for 24 hours after removal leaving you with glowing skin!

If you have tried any of these products let me know what you think as well as any products that are on your wish list so far this year!