Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Gift Review

How crazy is it that Christmas is over for another year? The day always seems to fly by but I suppose there is still new year to look forward to! I was very lucky to not only spend Christmas with my family but to also receive lots of gorgeous presents. I thought I would do a post on a few of the things I got and my thoughts so far.

Rituals Mini's Gift Set - Although I'm right into skincare, my hair always takes a back seat. I never do much with it and wash it with whatever shampoo is in the shower. The Rituals Ultra-shine Shampoo and Conditioner is like a little treat for my hair. After only using them once my hair felt so healthy and so shiny! Really pleased with these little guys and I can already see myself replacing them when they run out. The foaming shower gel is good and fun to use but it has quite a masculine scent that I don't really like. The scent from the 'Ayurveda' range is more up my street!

Brave - I don't care how old you are, you are never too old for a Disney film! I have many in my DVD collection but Brave seems to have slipped off the radar. The film is based in Scotland with genuine Scottish actors playing many of the roles so really how could I not love it? Brave is based around Merida and doesn't focus on a prince charming but rather on Merida finding the right path. I really enjoyed it and have watched it a few times already!

Bliss Lid & Lash Wash Make Up Remover - 'Bliss' is not a brand I'm familiar with but since doing my research I know it was started in 1996 in New York as single spa. The products became so sought after that Bliss created a line that customers could enjoy at home. I've never seen it before but Bliss products are available at feelunique and M&S! I was lucky enjoy to receive this Lid and Lash Make up remover from fellow blogger and best friend Erin. I often find cleansers remove all my make up except from my stubborn mascara. I have fallen into the terrible trap of using make up wipes to remove my make up then cleansing so having this is perfect. It's oil free and I use one pump of the gel per eye before cleansing the rest of my face. I was slightly worried it would irritate my eyes but I've had no problem and it contains camomile which is really soothing and after a few swipes my mascara is gone! Interested to try some more of the range next year.

Soap and Glory Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen - They describe it as a 'full proof marker tip' and I have to agree. It's literally like using a felt tip pen on your eye so it's super easy to control and perfect for the 'cats eye' flick. As ever I love the Soap and Glory packaging and like how they don't take themselves too seriously!

FCUK Bath & Body Collection - Literally don't think I've smelt anything better in my life. The gift set which I was very happy to receive from my lovely best friend Kirsty contains bath foam, body butter and a candle. They all smell of floral vanilla goodness and I'm resisting burning the gorgeous candle too much for fear of it running out! A nice long soak in the bath with the bath foam followed by the body butter would cure any winter blues. FCUK I am impressed!

The little round thing below the Rituals products is the worlds cutest tape measure. I had to put it in!
Well this is my last post for 2013! A big thank you to everyone who reads my little slice of the internet. I hope 2014 is healthy and happy for you all :)!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tropic Silk Gel Liner*

I was first introduced to Tropic when I spoke to the lovely brand ambassador Aimee at the FABB event a few months back. Susan Ma is the brains behind Tropic which was launched in 2007. You might recognise the name as she was in The Apprentice in 2011 and although she didn't win, Susan gained investment into Tropic from Lord Alan Sugar who is now a partner.

'Our products are derived from 100% pure plant extracts, are honestly priced and are naturally effective on all skin types.'

As you can imagine since Lord Alan Sugar got on board the brand has went from strength to strength and has now moved into a make up range along side the skin care. The products I saw at the FABB event looked simple but really appealing and I was lucky enough to be sent one of their silk gel liners to try out.

I use a lot of coppers/brown shades on my eyelids as I have blue eyes and I find this enhances them. Funnily enough although I find black can be quite harsh against my fair skin at times, I only own one brown liner and it barely shows up when I wear it. Luckily enough the gel line Tropic sent was in 'Rich Chocolate' which was great.

It is a 'silk' gel liner and this is the best way to describe how easy it is to apply. Literally glides on across the eye and I'm surprised at how pigmented the liner is. Although it's actually darker than I anticipated, I really like the colour and find it softer against my skin tone than black liner. It's like using an eyeliner pencil that is gentle on your lids! The other end of the pencil holds a 'smudger tip' which is to 'play and mould your look before it sets'. I didn't find the tip worked for its intended purpose and it was actually quite hard on the eye. I think a more spongey tip would have worked better.

It claims to be waterproof & smudge proof. So far the liner ain't budgin' and I've had it on all day. It is also enriched with Vitamin E to condition and protect the lash line which I think is a great additional property along with it being natural, vegan and cruelty free. The silk gel liner is £14 and comes in 'Film Noir', 'Rich Chocolate' and 'Slate'. I will definitely be asking for some more Tropic goodies for my Christmas this year!

If you like the sound of Tropic you can host a Tropic Pamper Experience. A lovely Tropic ambassador will come to you for a little pamper night with your friends where you can try and buy the Tropic range. Find out more here.