Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Gift Review

How crazy is it that Christmas is over for another year? The day always seems to fly by but I suppose there is still new year to look forward to! I was very lucky to not only spend Christmas with my family but to also receive lots of gorgeous presents. I thought I would do a post on a few of the things I got and my thoughts so far.

Rituals Mini's Gift Set - Although I'm right into skincare, my hair always takes a back seat. I never do much with it and wash it with whatever shampoo is in the shower. The Rituals Ultra-shine Shampoo and Conditioner is like a little treat for my hair. After only using them once my hair felt so healthy and so shiny! Really pleased with these little guys and I can already see myself replacing them when they run out. The foaming shower gel is good and fun to use but it has quite a masculine scent that I don't really like. The scent from the 'Ayurveda' range is more up my street!

Brave - I don't care how old you are, you are never too old for a Disney film! I have many in my DVD collection but Brave seems to have slipped off the radar. The film is based in Scotland with genuine Scottish actors playing many of the roles so really how could I not love it? Brave is based around Merida and doesn't focus on a prince charming but rather on Merida finding the right path. I really enjoyed it and have watched it a few times already!

Bliss Lid & Lash Wash Make Up Remover - 'Bliss' is not a brand I'm familiar with but since doing my research I know it was started in 1996 in New York as single spa. The products became so sought after that Bliss created a line that customers could enjoy at home. I've never seen it before but Bliss products are available at feelunique and M&S! I was lucky enjoy to receive this Lid and Lash Make up remover from fellow blogger and best friend Erin. I often find cleansers remove all my make up except from my stubborn mascara. I have fallen into the terrible trap of using make up wipes to remove my make up then cleansing so having this is perfect. It's oil free and I use one pump of the gel per eye before cleansing the rest of my face. I was slightly worried it would irritate my eyes but I've had no problem and it contains camomile which is really soothing and after a few swipes my mascara is gone! Interested to try some more of the range next year.

Soap and Glory Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen - They describe it as a 'full proof marker tip' and I have to agree. It's literally like using a felt tip pen on your eye so it's super easy to control and perfect for the 'cats eye' flick. As ever I love the Soap and Glory packaging and like how they don't take themselves too seriously!

FCUK Bath & Body Collection - Literally don't think I've smelt anything better in my life. The gift set which I was very happy to receive from my lovely best friend Kirsty contains bath foam, body butter and a candle. They all smell of floral vanilla goodness and I'm resisting burning the gorgeous candle too much for fear of it running out! A nice long soak in the bath with the bath foam followed by the body butter would cure any winter blues. FCUK I am impressed!

The little round thing below the Rituals products is the worlds cutest tape measure. I had to put it in!
Well this is my last post for 2013! A big thank you to everyone who reads my little slice of the internet. I hope 2014 is healthy and happy for you all :)!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tropic Silk Gel Liner*

I was first introduced to Tropic when I spoke to the lovely brand ambassador Aimee at the FABB event a few months back. Susan Ma is the brains behind Tropic which was launched in 2007. You might recognise the name as she was in The Apprentice in 2011 and although she didn't win, Susan gained investment into Tropic from Lord Alan Sugar who is now a partner.

'Our products are derived from 100% pure plant extracts, are honestly priced and are naturally effective on all skin types.'

As you can imagine since Lord Alan Sugar got on board the brand has went from strength to strength and has now moved into a make up range along side the skin care. The products I saw at the FABB event looked simple but really appealing and I was lucky enough to be sent one of their silk gel liners to try out.

I use a lot of coppers/brown shades on my eyelids as I have blue eyes and I find this enhances them. Funnily enough although I find black can be quite harsh against my fair skin at times, I only own one brown liner and it barely shows up when I wear it. Luckily enough the gel line Tropic sent was in 'Rich Chocolate' which was great.

It is a 'silk' gel liner and this is the best way to describe how easy it is to apply. Literally glides on across the eye and I'm surprised at how pigmented the liner is. Although it's actually darker than I anticipated, I really like the colour and find it softer against my skin tone than black liner. It's like using an eyeliner pencil that is gentle on your lids! The other end of the pencil holds a 'smudger tip' which is to 'play and mould your look before it sets'. I didn't find the tip worked for its intended purpose and it was actually quite hard on the eye. I think a more spongey tip would have worked better.

It claims to be waterproof & smudge proof. So far the liner ain't budgin' and I've had it on all day. It is also enriched with Vitamin E to condition and protect the lash line which I think is a great additional property along with it being natural, vegan and cruelty free. The silk gel liner is £14 and comes in 'Film Noir', 'Rich Chocolate' and 'Slate'. I will definitely be asking for some more Tropic goodies for my Christmas this year!

If you like the sound of Tropic you can host a Tropic Pamper Experience. A lovely Tropic ambassador will come to you for a little pamper night with your friends where you can try and buy the Tropic range. Find out more here.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fergie's Fashion Fun meets Ruth A Morrison

I recently discovered Ruth Morrison through the wonderful world of facebook! She was recently part of the A/W 2013 Nightwalk Fashion Show which is an independent fashion showcase for up and coming talent in Scotland.

Ruth combines precious metal with Genuine Harris Tweed to make original pieces of jewellery for both women and men. I love the concept and the fact that she uses something that is so closely linked with her Scottish home. I was lucky enough to ask the lady herself a few questions!


You are a Scottish Lass but where in Scotland are you from?
I am from a small island called Scalpay just off the Isle of Harris; it is my favourite place in the world. I have travelled a lot and never found anywhere so beautiful (I may be a wee bit biased but it really is).

Describe yourself in three words.
Determined, Outgoing, Creative.

Where has your passion for jewellery come from?
I have always been creative and loved making jewellery out of anything I could find when I was younger. I used to collect shells and random pieces of material and try and make them into something I could wear. Studying jewellery design was a natural progression for me.

Why do you use Harris Tweed in your designs?
I have a huge love for the cloth and I have been brought up surrounded by it. I knew when I started making jewellery that I wanted to incorporate the tweed in my work. I wanted to use tweed in a different way to what is already out there.

Who/what is your inspiration?
My home is my inspiration.

Typically, how long does it take you to make a piece of jewellery?
It all depends on the design of the piece and the design process. Some of my techniques involve a lot of cleaning which is time consuming.

How does it feel to be featured in the like of The Financial Times and Stylist.co.uk?
To be featured in the Financial Times was very unexpected and really exciting! I had done a show in London (International Jewellery London) with Vanilla Ink. Vanilla Ink has been a huge part of my success so far and this is the reason I made it into the Financial Times. I got so much great response  for my work down in London, which was really great. Stylist is a magazine that I value and was so grateful to be one of their finalists.

As mentioned above, your designs recently featured in the AW13 Nightwalk Fashion Show. Do you think there is a lot of opportunities for fashion/jewellery designers in Scotland?
I think it is getting much better. Having platforms like this is great for independent designers. When you do events like this you meet great people from different creative backgrounds, who can then help you with other projects in the future.

Where can we find your beautiful, unique jewellery?
You can my work on my website and through the New York Tartan Week shop.

What's next?
I'm going to be doing the Bold Souls Christmas pop up in Hummingbird on the 9th December with loads of other fantastic designers so you should pop along and say hi.
I would love to show my work on the catwalk at New York Tartan Week next April. Also, I have a few stockists that I am getting ready to supply to. Hopefully 2014 will be an exciting year for Ruth A Morrison - Harris Tweed Jewellery.

Thank you very much to Ruth for taking the time answer my questions. I think you'll agree from the photos that her jewellery is amazing and captures the essence of Scotland. You can check out Ruth's website here and the details for the Bold Souls Christmas Pop Up here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

teapigs Review*

After working all day, I can't think of anything better than curling up on the sofa in my pjs with the tv and a cuppa. I was recently kindly sent some teapigs tea to try so these fit in nicely to my little post work routine. I've been drinking a lot of green tea lately and was interested to try some of the teapigs range as they seem to have quite a few interesting flavours. They have also kindly offered my readers a cheeky little discount so stick around!

'We believe in something pure and simple - no airs. no graces. just fine tea.'
teapigs was started in 2006 by Nick and Louise. They have created a brand that only sells tea of the highest quality. Its all about the flavour which is why teapigs have 'tea temples' rather than regular tea bags. They are roomy, biodegradable mesh bags which allow the contents - whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flowers - plenty of space to infuse properly. The tea temples add a little bit of luxury in the otherwise mundane task of tea making!

Peppermint Leaves - I love peppermint tea so I decided to give this one a try first. The taste was much sharper and had a stronger peppermint flavour than I'm use to. I would imagine this is due to the fact that teapigs use whole leaves, flowers and herbs in their tea temples which intensifies the taste. The peppermint leaves were really soothing so great if you have an upset tummy. It's also caffeine free which is great as I like to have a cuppa before I head to bed. It's also really refreshing so perfect for your first cup of tea in the morning! 9/10

Camomile Flower - Staying in my comfort zone, I went for Camomile Flower next. Again the taste was stronger due to the whole flower inside the tea temple rather than it being crushed. I always find camomile tea really calming and this is no exception. Another great one for night time to help you unwind and relax after a long day. 8/10

Super Fruits - This was a little more out of the norm. After trying the others I expected the fruits to be quite strong but they weren't as powerful as I was anticipating. However, it was still really enjoyable and refreshing. It could be a sweet treat after dinner and act as an alternative to a dessert as your still getting the sweetness to satisfy your sugary craving. It would also be great served as ice tea in the summer. 7/10

Lemon and Ginger - I think this would be great if you have a cold and again I think the ginger would help to settle your tummy. Another refreshing one which would be great to kick start your day. teapigs have the balance just right so that the light lemon taste works in harmony with the ginger rather than the ginger over powering everything else. One of my new favourites! 8/10
Mao Feng Green - teapigs describe this as a natural taste of fresh summer air and a green tea for people who don't like green tea. It didn't actually taste of anything but there was a strange, unpleasant aftertaste that I really didn't like. I possibly didn't leave the tea temple in for long enough but this one definitely isn't my cup of tea! Maybe it's because I do like green tea! 3/10

Everyday Brew - Pretty much what it says on the tin. Since drinking much more green tea recently, its slightly put me off drinking good old Tetley! But this teapigs everyday brew actually has a nicer taste than your bog standard tea and is perfect to warm up after a cold day. 7/10

Spiced Winter - I kept this one until last and it did not disappoint! The spiced cinnamon smell just made me feel like Christmas had arrived! Perfect for this time of year and very comforting on a cold winter night watching your favourite Christmas film. Nice little stocking filler for any tea loving friend and definitely one I will be repurchasing. 9/10

The thing I liked most about teapigs was the tea temples. Having the whole leaf, herb or flower really appealed to me and it really makes a difference to the tea taste! I also like that they want to have high quality tea but not in a snobby 'pinky in the air' kind of way.
A box of 50 tea temples comes in at £9.95 which works out as 20p per cup. Just looking at them on the shelf before now I would think that was crazy. But now I have tasted the difference I think for certain blends, 20p a tea temple is pretty good! I'm intrigued to try their popcorn tea now!
teapigs are offering my lovely readers 15% off at www.teapigs.co.uk using the code BLOGS13 at the checkout! (discount does not apply to 80g matcha tins or cheeky deals as they are already discounted)
You can find out more about teapigs on their facebook and twitter.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Primark Outift Ideas

Last week I visited Primark with the intention of buying some socks and only some socks but it took 0.5 seconds after entering the store before I was completely side tracked and spotted a dress for £5. No girl in her right mind could resist that! The trip to Primark resulted in me leaving without socks but with two new dresses and a cosy jumper.
Since I haven't done an OOTD style post for a while, I thought I would show you guys what I bought and how I would style it.
Sparkly Dress £13 - This caught my eye due to the detail and sparkle. I think it's great for Christmas party nights or even on Christmas day. The glitter did seem to come off a little in the changing rooms when I was trying it on but I haven't noticed this since I got home and I think for £13 I can't really complain! I've styled the dress with my black H&M blazer and gold studded heels from New Look. If I wear it on Christmas day I would go with black tights and little black pumps. For a night out, I would make the dress the focal point rather than adding lots of accessories and go for simple make up with a smokey eye.

Animal Print Skater Dress £5 - This was the first thing I spotted when entering the store. £5 is brilliant for a casual dress that I will get lots of use out of. I find the skater style really flattering as it is fitted at the waist then flares out and skims over the hips. This style comes in a variety of prints and colours. I think it can easily be dressed up with heels or worn more casually as shown with tights, black pumps and a statement necklace. Add a chunky knit jumper over the top to get you through winter.

Black and White Jumper £12 - I've been looking for a winter jumper for a while now but find the 'oversized' styles don't suit me and I wanted one that was warm but still thin enough to wear under my jacket. I spotted this one which is really soft and tightly woven to keep the warmth in but just the right thickness to wear under my jacket. I styled it with my Miss Guided cut out sleeve long tshirt to add some colour, black trousers from H&M, heeled boots from Asda and a statement necklace from East.

Have you found any little gems in Primark recently? Leave a comment and let me know if you like this type of post or what you would like to see in the future :).


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Joanne McGillivray SS14 'Under The Sea'

Last week I attended the official launch of Joanne McGillivray SS14 'Under The Sea' collection. Joanne is a Glasgow born designer and after graduating from Heriot Watt University, she was awarded Graduate of the Year from the Scottish Fashion Awards.  This resulted in an internship with Marks and Spencer's design team in London. She designed her own dress for the Limited Collection which hit the stores earlier this year. It then sold out. Every girls dream, no?!
Since then Joanne has been working on launching her own label which is described as 'a contemporary womenswear brand catering to the premium section of the fashion industry'.

(I took this before I had one honest!) 

The preview took place at SWG3 in Glasgow with over 100 people in attendance. We were greeted with electric blue cocktails in keeping with the theme of the collection and treated to Snuggle Muffin cupcakes! DJ Diane Knoxs aka Knoxy from Clyde 1 was on hand to provide a great dj set in preparation for the show.

Joanne was inspired by the shapes and textures of the sea as well as the colours - various shades of blue ran throughout the garments along with a bright, contrasting orange. It came across that the 'Under The Sea' collection was paddling on the fun side of fashion. I love the orange shorts and I think this collection is really beautiful and wearable.

Some of Joanne's creations have recently been spotted in OK! magazine and she is taking part in the Scottish Designer pop-up shop taking place on the ground floor of Princes Square from the 22 - 23rd November alongside various other brands. It looks like the only way is up for this talented lady.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Beauty Kitchen 'Love Me' Hand Scrub*

Beauty Kitchen is an exciting, ethical, 100% natural beauty brand based in Glasgow. I first heard about them at the FABB event last month and was completely drawn to their ethos and amazing handmade products.

'Disillusioned with a market full of these 'unnatural' products, the team behind Beauty Kitchen decided to stop playing dissatisfied customer and restore some karma. Beauty Kitchen's promise is that it will always try to use the most local, fresh ingredients and pre-cycled or recycled packaging. Beauty Kitchen has stripped back core beauty products to their basic ingredients and created simple, yet highly effective recipes. The resulting range of gorgeous products not only work incredibly well, but also smell fantastic, look great and are everyday affordable.'

I was very kindly given the 100% Natural 'Love Me' Hand Scrub to try and as soon as I opened the jar I knew I was on to a good thing. The 'Love Me' scent is perfect for this time of year as it contains cinnamon, orange and frankincense blended with a few other ingredients and a sprinkling of cranberry seeds to make a unique, natural and relaxing fragrance.
The weather in Scotland has become much colder in the last week or so and my hands are already suffering. I use a teaspoon amount of the scrub and massage it into wet hands then rinse. Any dry skin is removed and my hands are left feeling so soft. I even notice a difference in my nails which are now very smooth and shiny. It actually surprised me just how moisturising the scrub is - no need to apply moisturiser afterwards -  and how long the scent stays on my hands. A little goes a long way so I think this will last me a while which is just as well as I can't get enough of it! This feels like a real treat for my hands and another element I can add to my pampering regime!

I can't wait to try lots of other gorgeous products from Beauty Kitchen and already have my eye on their gift hampers which, like all the individual products, come in a variety of scents to choose from. Even when the jar becomes empty I think it will look really cute in the bathroom!

You can find Beauty Kitchen on Twitter, Facebook and on their website or pop into their store at 117 SaltMarket, Glasgow.


Thursday, November 07, 2013

Macs Glasgow Hair and Beauty

Macs is located in Glasgow's West End near Byres Road. I first heard about the salon at the FABB event last month through the lovely appointedd girls (more info here) and decided I would book in for a cut and blow dry. The salon has a real boutique/boudoir feel that was chic and professional yet relaxing all at the same time.

 When I arrived I was greeted by the salon owner Mel and Leanne who were both lovely and made me feel at ease straight away. First of all Leanne washed my hair using Joico K-Pak shampoo and conditioner which smells amazing and combined with a little head message, I could of easily stayed there all day! We then chatted away whilst Leanne sprayed a little Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner before blow drying my hair and getting rid of my terrible split ends! She also used a little Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray to make my hair extra shiny and I am so pleased with the end result.

 I keep it pretty simple when it comes to my hair so things like the atmosphere and the service really make a difference to me as well as how my locks look! Both Leanne and Mel were so lovely and my hair is feeling much healthier. Macs also do extensions (including Easilocks) as well as a range of beauty treatments and pamper parties! Highly recommend!
Fancy making an appointment? Book through appointedd.com or call Mel on 0141 357 5511
 You can find out more on their website, twitter and facebook.


Monday, November 04, 2013

Pretty Little Nails*

Without realising it, over the last few years I have bought/received quite a few nail varnishes and now have an array of different colours and brands. After trying to improve the condition of my nails over the last few months and discovering the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish remover, I find myself changing my nail colour a few times a week. It is a trivial aspect of life that in the grand scheme of things is very unimportant but it actually means that for 15 minutes, twice a week I sit down and don't do anything. No internet or phone for a whole 15 minutes? Unimaginable to most people in this day and age! I've actually turned painting my nails it into a mini pamper evening on a Sunday including a bubble bath, face mask - the whole shabang!

This has now widened my shopping addiction and I find myself in Boots 'oohing' and 'aahing' at all the gorgeous nail varnish colours and finishes but never quite being able to remember what shade of pink I already have at home.

Enter Pretty Little Nails. I started following them on twitter but never actually got round to having a nosey at what they have on offer until recently. The website is simple and easy to use with all the different brands located along the tabs at the top. Nails Inc are my favourite and I think they would be a great addition to the website alongside my second favourite, Essie. The nail varnish's are shown individually in good sized photos so it's easy to see the exact colour and gives me the chance to whip out my three pink varnishes to make sure its just that shade different so that I can justify buying yet another one.

The chic feel of the website had me thinking that the nail varnish would be more expensive than the likes of Boots or Superdrug but actually it seems to be pretty much the same. The website sells a good variety of ranges from the featured brands but unfortunately many of the other nail varnishes seem to be sold out including the one I have my heart set on - OPI 'Embarca - Dare Ya!'. However, I will definitely be checking back and buying a few other polishes for Christmas stocking fillers. Orders over £10 receive free UK delivery which is an added bonus!

Pretty Little Nails are also kindly offering my readers 10% off all orders until 31st December 2013 using discount code 'USTWO' at the checkout!
Tweet me and let me know what you purchase!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Style My Joanna McGillivray

Joanna McGillivray is a Glasgow born designer creating premium womenswear. She set UK bloggers a challenge a few months back to pick a favourite item from her AW13 range and style it. It was a challenge indeed as all of the pieces are beautiful but in the end the 100% leather Maya Tank stood out. The burgundy colour is perfect for taking you through this season and can be dressed up or down for a casual lunch date or a night out.
'I style my Maya Tank with silk chino trousers, ankle strap heels, Vivienne Westwood scarf and chain mail bracelet.'

Silk Chino Trousers in Forest House Of Frasers
Sienna Animal Print Ankle Strap Pointy Heels boohoo.com
Vivienne Westwood Orb Scarf Selfridges
Chain Mail Shimmer Bracelet Georgia Wiseman
Love the Maya Tank as much as me? Joanne is showcasing her SS14 collection on the 6th of November! Register here for tickets https://joannemcgillivray.eventbrite.co.uk/ or send her a tweet (@JoanneMcGStudio) telling her what your favourite piece is from the AW13 collection.

Monday, October 28, 2013

October Empties

I haven't done any empties post since April and because quite a few of my products seemed to run out at the same time, I thought I would do one for October.

Avon Care Light Moisture Refreshing Face Cream - I purchased this just before summer when my day time moisturiser ran out. It was good for that time of year because it has a light gel texture and contains cucumber and green tea which really soothes the skin. It absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving any tackiness meaning I could apply my make up straight away. It lasted me around 4 months and I think I paid about £3 for it (product is no longer available). I like a thicker moisturiser for the winter with more hydrating properties and I don't think this would be suitable but definitely a good summer one if your on a budget.
Repurchase? Yes
Charles Worthington Takeaways Heat Protection Spray - This has been in my drawer for ages and I recently rediscovered it and thought I would give it a go. I originally bought it to take on holiday and help protect my hair from the sun but use it at home on wet hair to protect it from heated styling ie hairdryer and straighteners. It also claims to 'transform hairs manageability and shine'. Although my hair is fairly thin I do tend to get tangles once I come out of the shower and I expected this to make it easier when drying my hair. However, I didn't notice any difference on the condition or manageability of my hair and I was pretty disappointed that it seemed to make no difference. I continued to use it for the heat protection aspect but would prefer to purchase something that will protect my hair as well as having additional properties that actually work.
Repurchase? No
Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish - Most bloggers love Soap and Glory and I am no exception. I love the retro packaging and the smell of all their products. I was given this body polish as part of a gift around Christmas time last year. I had a few other products on the go so didn't properly start using it until the start of this year and I've used it regularly ever since. If you are looking for a mild scrub then I would say this is the one for you. It contains sea salt and sugar which exfoliate any dead skin cells and also contains shea butter and sweet almond oil which nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling so soft! It has a really nice scent which lingers long after you've left the shower and I think £7.50 is a great price for the 300ml tub.
Repurchase? Yes
Avon Blemish Clearing 3 in 1 - I purchased this at the same time as the moisturiser about 4 months ago. It claims to be a cleanser, scrub and mask all in one. I first used it as a cleanser which I found ok but it left my skin feeling dry and stripped. I then tried is as a mask where you are instructed to leave it on for 3 minutes. I think I had it on for 30 seconds and I felt like it was burning my skin. I know initially with some masks it can feel tingly and warm but this just felt very uncomfortable and I removed it straight away. I have used it on and off over the last few months as a scrub but I don't leave it on my skin for longer than a few seconds. Although I have sensitive skin, the product is blemish clearing which yes means it may have some powerful ingredients but as it's treating blemished skin it shouldn't be too harsh on delicate areas.
Repurchase? No
Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean and Classic Original - What did we do before dry shampoo? I have been pretty bad for washing my hair every day lately but I've managed to cut it down to every two days with this bad boy. Gives my roots an instant refresh without weighing it down and allows for easier styling. As I have blonde hair the white powder residue that initially lightens the hair isn't an issue for me but I can see how irritating that could be for people with dark hair. At the Fabb event I attended recently (link here) I was introduced to a brand called Girlz Only which do their own dry shampoo and I think it could give Batiste a run for it's money!
Repurchase? Yes
What products have you used up this month? Any that you would recommend?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse

At the FABB Glasgow event a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive beautiful pink package from Cocoa Brown Tan. I had a night out last week and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to road test it! I was initially quite apprehensive because fake tan and I just don't get on. Ever. I don't wear fake tan very regularly so it's usually the last thing I think about before a night out when I realise that I'm getting my legs out but would prefer it if they didn't glow in the dark! I've tried a variety of formulas and brands but apart from Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion, I've not had much success so far.

Cocoa Brown was created by Marissa Carter and the product has achieved great success in Ireland. It is now available nationwide in Superdrug for only £7.99!
I am pleased to say that Cocoa Brown tan is very user friendly and different from many fake tanning products I have tried in the past. The tan comes out as a light mousse which is so easy to work into the skin with a mitt and is also very buildable. It dries really quickly meaning I can get dressed without worrying it will transfer onto my clothes or bed sheets if your applying at night. The scent is one of the first things I notice too since it doesn't smell of digestive biscuits! The mousse has a lovely floral smell which makes such a difference and I think it goes well with the gorgeous pink packaging.

It is perfect for people like me who don't wear fake tan often and are just whacking some on before a night out because its pretty much fool proof and develops a light tan in just one hour. For a deeper tan, the product can be left on for up to three hours and then it will stop developing meaning your not going to go out looking like snow white and end the night looking like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Although I have pretty light skin, I left the tan on for three hours as the first hour didn't make too much difference to my legs.
Here are the before and after shots which really don't do the tan (or my legs lol!) justice:

I found using the Cocoa Brown Tan enjoyable which is not a word I would associate with fake tan normally. It's just such a hassle and usually results in total disaster before a night out but not any more! The tan is meant to fade evenly but I was also given Cocoa Brown's 'Tough Stuff' which is a body scrub to help prepare the skin before tanning and to get rid of any old tan which may have out stayed its welcome. Seems like they have got it all covered!
You can find Cocoa Brown on twitter, Facebook and on their website.