Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clinique Mini Haul

On a Sunday afternoon when I should probably be doing uni work I tend to watch lots of youtube videos and get sucked into watching them for hours. My favourite beauty/make up videos are from Lisa Eldridge and on Sunday I found myself re-watching some of her older ones. The acne/blemish covering make up video in particular caught my eye as I have quite blemish prone skin. In the video Lisa uses Clinique's redness solutions foundation on the model which works a treat! The next day I was out shopping so swung by the Clinique counter in Boots to see if the foundation was really as good as it seems.
I haven't really had much experience with Clinique before but for some reason I had the idea in my head that it was quite clinical and would strip my skin. The lovely assistant at the Clinique counter tried out some products on my face from the redness solution range which actually all felt very soothing and calming on the skin and all of which are oil free and dermalogically tested.

I was really pleased with the foundation and it worked just as well on me as it did on the model in Lisa's video completely hiding any blemishes without the need for concealer. For someone who tends to have more severe break outs, a little concealer can be easily blended in with the foundation. I also tried the oil free stay matte pressed powder which not only controls shine but kept the make up in place without any touch ups.

I loved both products and thought they were reasonably priced for a mid market brand and come in beautiful, simple packaging (Redness Solutions foundation - £22, Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £21.)

The brand are also doing their bit for charity with a limited edition chubby stick in 'Plumped Up Pink' for Breast Cancer awareness month this October!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What is your experience of Clinique?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barry M Magnetic Nail Varnish

Hey guys!
Been having a few problems with uploading photos on here again but got them up eventually!

I wasn't a fan of the cracked effect nail varnishes and so was slightly sceptical when my friend introduced me to the Barry M magnetic nail varnishes. I didn't have very high expectations but gave it a go anyway and was surprised how well them came out! I used the metallic blue colour which worked a treat and have since purchased the dark silver (9 shades available) from Boots who are doing an offer on them at the moment as well. I thought I would do a tutorial style post today to show you how to apply and the finished look. Hope you enjoy!

I start off by applying a base coat. I'm using Rimmel Stronger nail varnish which will not only make the nail varnish easier to apply but also stop any staining on my nails which can sometimes happen when using Barry M products.

Once this has dried I apply one layer of the Barry M nail varnish on top of the base coat and leave to dry before doing my other hand. I like this colour and can wear this on its own as well as using the magnet as its quite versatile but not as harsh as a black nail varnish. I also find Barry M nail varnish easy to apply as the consistency seems to be just right.

The next part is slightly tricker. Taking one nail at a time, apply a thick coat of the nail varnish then immediately take the magnet cap and hold it over the nail. There is a curved part at one side of the cap which you can place on your finger helping you to steady the cap and making sure its close enough to the nail but not so close that it touches. The instructions on the bottle tell you to keep the magnet over the nail for 5 seconds but I tend to wait about 30 seconds to ensure the pattern is clear on my nail. Repeat the process for the rest of the nails. I would advise doing this when you have plenty of them because as the second layer is thick, it takes longer to dry and definitely do one hand at a time making sure its completely dry before attempting the other.

(Sorry the photo is slightly blurry!)

Finally I apply a top coat of the Rimmel nail varnish which helps it to last longer, preventing any chips and creating a smoother finish.

The nail varnish creates a cool effect with minimal effort! Let me know what you think! Please follow if you enjoyed the post :)