Monday, December 31, 2012

Boots Beauty Haul

Hey guys! Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and enjoyed your day whatever you got up to. I spent the day at home with my family and our newest addition Max a labrador puppy. I've wanted a dog for as long as I can remember as I'm abit animal daft so I've been spending pretty much all my time with the little fur ball!
I received a few gift cards for Christmas, including one for Boots. I work and go to university near quite a big Boots store and buy just about everything from it including my lunch and even birthday cards. It is also one of the few stores that I actually have a loyalty card or advantage card with. When I buy something with my points it always makes me feel like I'm getting it for free which is of course part of their master plan! This time since I had a gift card the things I bought really were free (sort of) so I thought I would show you what I got and what I thought!

 Impress Nails by Broadway in Rated R
I've wanted to try Impress Nails for a while but was never allowed to wear them in my previous job. After moving to a job in retail I treated myself to a Shellac manicure which I loved. However, I couldn't find the time to get them properly removed and a few came loose leaving me with damaged nails. This was when I was reminded of Impress Nails. Since they stick on they don't damage the nail and can be easily removed. I love the colour but they feel a tad long for my liking although this could be due my nail length. I would definitely recommend laying the 10 nails out first and making sure they are the correct size for your nail before removing the tab. Being able to stick them down means no glue and no drying time making them ideal for nights out and simple to change. The packaging is also pretty smart, giving you some where to store the extra nails (24 nails in 12 different sizes). Although slightly long for my preference, I like the finish and how easy they are to apply.
At £7.99 they are quite pricey so its not something I would buy all the time but would definitely repurchase for a night out.
 Models Own in Freak Out!
This is my first Models Own nail varnish and it certainly won't be my last. The colour and glitter caught my eye straight away and would be perfect to wear at New Year. The polish is clear but the sparkles are packed in and chunky enough to effectively cover the nail. Wearing a darker shade underneath really makes the flakes pop! I am wearing nails inc in Motcomb Street underneath.

Soap and Glory Glow All Out
My skin has been a little dull recently due to the winter months so when I spotted this radiance powder and decided to give it a whirl. It comes in a cardboard compact with a mirror and magnetic edge to hold it closed. The peachy powder is embossed with the Soap and Glory logo and contains a subtle sparkley shimmer which helps reflect the light creating a healthy glow. I've been using it on my cheek bones, a little along the jaw line and down my nose. It's definitely the right side of shimmer and just a light dusting is needed. I'm not usually big on highlighters but this may just change my mind! The retro packaging always really appeals to me with Soap and Glory as well as the price range. So far their hand cream 'Hand Food' is my favourite product of theirs by far but it may now have some competiton!

Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel
I am always on the look out for a face wash that will help control my spot prone skin. At the moment I'm using a Clean and Clear cream wash which really tingles and leaves my skin feeling stripped. The Vichy gel on the other hand is very calming on my skin and doesn't leave the stipped, dried out feeling. I reckon this is down to the fact that it doesn't contain any soap, paraben or alcohol. The gel comes in a pump dispenser which is great for using in the shower and it lathers up nicely. It also smells really fresh and not too over powering.
I hope you enjoyed the post. If you've tried any of the products let me know what your thoughts are! Heres a photo of Max. 1, 2, 3 awww :)


Sunday, December 30, 2012

OPI Advert

Hey guys! Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! I have a post scheduled for tomorrow but had to share this advert with you! I've just been to see Pitch Perfect and this little gem of an advert popped up before the film. I've never seen it on tv before, infact I rarely see nail varnish adverts on the television. OPI are widely known and I think the advert looks great in cinematic format! Definitely made me sit up and pay attention! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Hey guys!
I am still snowed under with studying and working lots of extra shifts due to the Christmas madness! As a result I have been feeling a little down and uninspired. For years I have kept a livejournal account which I used as a diary whilst at school. Although I no longer use it for this purpose whenever I find quotes that I like I still add them to the 'Quotes' page of my journal. I like to read through them from time to time when I'm looking for some inspiration and motivation!
I'm also just starting to get the hang of Pinterest (behind the times I know) and surprise surprise I am loving the 'Quotes' category!

I'm not one for really cheesy cliche quotes but I like ones that put things into perspective and generally encourage us to be the best we can be. So I thought I would share a few Pinterest pictures and quotes from my list with you guys and hopefully brighten up your week! Let me know if you have any quotes or sayings that you love :).

I first saw this when it was pinned to the wall in my previous job. So easy to forget that our normality is someone elses luxury.
Little things like starting the day with a positive attitude or making the effot to chat to to the sales assistant in Topshop although sometimes difficult can make the world seem a bit brighter!
Love this one at the moment! Its all about finding your strengths and not putting yourself down when what your trying to achieve just isn't happening!
All the hard work will be worth it!

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

Faith is taking the first step when you don't see the whole staircase - Martin Luther King

Your 20's are your 'selfish' years. It's a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time and all the aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little & never touch the ground - Kyoko Escamilla

Happiness is the secret to all beauty.
There is no beauty that is attractive without happiness.
- Christian Dior


Thursday, December 06, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Hey guys!
I haven't blogged in a while due to a busy time with course work at university and settling in to my new job! I haven't been buying much for myself recently as I have been busy getting presents for my lovely friends and family! So I thought I would do a wee wish list post and show you what I hope Santa brings me this year! Hope you enjoy, let me know what you're putting on your christmas list!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


*Thanks to Kirsty for being my photographer :)*
*Denim shorts: Topshop £34, Shirt:H&M last season, Tights:Primark, Bracelets: Thomas Sabbo*
This is my second 'outfit of the day' post and I am loving this look right now! Ive been looking for a pair of shorts for a while and as soon as my friend spotted them in Topshop I had to have them! Denim goes with any colour and I like the detail at the sides which gives what would of been a standard pair of shorts that little bit extra. I've worn this outfit casually by adding a chunky knit jumper or changing the shirt to a vest and adding a statement necklace. The last photo is from last night when I was attending a fashion show and I just dressed it up with a blazer and black wedges. Hope you enjoyed this post thinking about doing a few more OOTD posts soon!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clinique Mini Haul

On a Sunday afternoon when I should probably be doing uni work I tend to watch lots of youtube videos and get sucked into watching them for hours. My favourite beauty/make up videos are from Lisa Eldridge and on Sunday I found myself re-watching some of her older ones. The acne/blemish covering make up video in particular caught my eye as I have quite blemish prone skin. In the video Lisa uses Clinique's redness solutions foundation on the model which works a treat! The next day I was out shopping so swung by the Clinique counter in Boots to see if the foundation was really as good as it seems.
I haven't really had much experience with Clinique before but for some reason I had the idea in my head that it was quite clinical and would strip my skin. The lovely assistant at the Clinique counter tried out some products on my face from the redness solution range which actually all felt very soothing and calming on the skin and all of which are oil free and dermalogically tested.

I was really pleased with the foundation and it worked just as well on me as it did on the model in Lisa's video completely hiding any blemishes without the need for concealer. For someone who tends to have more severe break outs, a little concealer can be easily blended in with the foundation. I also tried the oil free stay matte pressed powder which not only controls shine but kept the make up in place without any touch ups.

I loved both products and thought they were reasonably priced for a mid market brand and come in beautiful, simple packaging (Redness Solutions foundation - £22, Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £21.)

The brand are also doing their bit for charity with a limited edition chubby stick in 'Plumped Up Pink' for Breast Cancer awareness month this October!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What is your experience of Clinique?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barry M Magnetic Nail Varnish

Hey guys!
Been having a few problems with uploading photos on here again but got them up eventually!

I wasn't a fan of the cracked effect nail varnishes and so was slightly sceptical when my friend introduced me to the Barry M magnetic nail varnishes. I didn't have very high expectations but gave it a go anyway and was surprised how well them came out! I used the metallic blue colour which worked a treat and have since purchased the dark silver (9 shades available) from Boots who are doing an offer on them at the moment as well. I thought I would do a tutorial style post today to show you how to apply and the finished look. Hope you enjoy!

I start off by applying a base coat. I'm using Rimmel Stronger nail varnish which will not only make the nail varnish easier to apply but also stop any staining on my nails which can sometimes happen when using Barry M products.

Once this has dried I apply one layer of the Barry M nail varnish on top of the base coat and leave to dry before doing my other hand. I like this colour and can wear this on its own as well as using the magnet as its quite versatile but not as harsh as a black nail varnish. I also find Barry M nail varnish easy to apply as the consistency seems to be just right.

The next part is slightly tricker. Taking one nail at a time, apply a thick coat of the nail varnish then immediately take the magnet cap and hold it over the nail. There is a curved part at one side of the cap which you can place on your finger helping you to steady the cap and making sure its close enough to the nail but not so close that it touches. The instructions on the bottle tell you to keep the magnet over the nail for 5 seconds but I tend to wait about 30 seconds to ensure the pattern is clear on my nail. Repeat the process for the rest of the nails. I would advise doing this when you have plenty of them because as the second layer is thick, it takes longer to dry and definitely do one hand at a time making sure its completely dry before attempting the other.

(Sorry the photo is slightly blurry!)

Finally I apply a top coat of the Rimmel nail varnish which helps it to last longer, preventing any chips and creating a smoother finish.

The nail varnish creates a cool effect with minimal effort! Let me know what you think! Please follow if you enjoyed the post :)

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Make up Storage

I spotted these cute mini drawers whilst shopping in Asda today and thought it would be a great way to store my make up. Until now my make up has been stored in a drawer next to the mirror in my room but I often find myself raking about unable to find what I'm looking for especially when I'm in a hurry!


As you can see the mini drawers are clear so makes it easy to locate what your looking for and I've separated my make up into sections (foundations, eyes, blusher/bronzers/lips and nails) so its super organised! I don't really think I have loads of make up although I seem to have accumulated lots of mascaras recently! If you have more make up than I do you could always buy more drawers and stack them or store them side by side. At £5 I think its a really cheap but effective way to store make up or even jewellery!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mini Haul

Bit of a delay on this post as I was having problems uploading photos!
On Tuesday I went shopping for shoes but as always came back with a few other things too! I've loved Pixiwoo for a while now and have had my eye on Samantha Chapman's Real Techniques brushes. My L'oreal  Nude Magique BB cream is due to run out soon and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try the foundation brush along side a new foundation. The brush is so soft and blends my foundation really nicely into the skin without it looking caked on. I tend to use my fingers to apply my BB cream at the moment but using the brush in circular motions really help to minimize my pores. Although you can buy the brushes in collections I decided to only purchase the powder brush on its own from Boots (advantage points!) for £12.99.

Having seen lots of positive reviews on the Bourjouis Healthy Mix foundation I decided to give it a go. As my skin can be prone to breakouts I like to have a reasonable amount of coverage but like it to look quite natural. As mentioned above I have been using L'oreal's BB cream which is designed to blend into my skintone and is why I purchased it. I have religiously used it for the last few months and have almost forgotten what it's like to wear foundation! The first thing I will say about the healthy mix foundation is that it smells so good! Quite fruity which comes from the ingredients. The bottle states that it contains apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple for an anti-oxidant and ginger for energy. Yum! I purchased No. 52 which blends in nicely with my skintone providing good coverage but still looking slightly dewy which I love. The real techniques brush worked a treat with this foundation!

My final Boots purchase of the day was the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Blam Stain in Crush. I'm not really into lipsticks but I do have the Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint from Maxfactor which I often use on nights out because I find it lasts a long time. Recently it has started to run out and feel scratchy on my lips when I apply it so I decided to give Revlon's balm stain a whirl. So far I love it! It goes on glossy and bright then the gloss eventually wears off and your left with the stain which even make up wipes didn't fully remove so top marks for long lasting qualities! The stain initially has a slight mint smell which I liked but it is nothing too overpowering.

So thats my three beauty purchases for the time being! I turend 21 yesterday and had a party for it on Thursday so may blog about that soon!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Origins Super Spot Remover

Hello again blogging world! Been a wee while since my last post but knew if this product lived up to my expectations then I would need to blog about it! I've never used any Origins products before but have walked by the concession in John Lewis with interest many times. I never really like being pounced on by any brands sales assistants trying to ram facts and make up down my throat and so often avoid these kind of stands. However, after reading Zoella's review of the Origins Super Spot Remover I decided I had to give it a try.

Since high school I have always had break outs around my chin and although its alot better thanks to a better skin care routine, I still at times feel very self concious about it. I decided to visit Origins within John Lewis in Glasgow. After spotting (no pun intended!) the spot remover I walked up to the till I was approached by a lovely Origins assistant who was the total opposite to what I expected. She not only listened to me but also gave me great advice and a few samples to try with no pressure. Made all the difference to the whole experience!

Anyway, onto the product! Its a blemish treatment gel and comes in 10ml jars. Although small, I can tell already this will last a long time and it comes in at a reasonable £13. I usually apply at night after cleansing my face with the famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and moisturise before applying a small amount of the gel to problem areas. I've had the product for about a month now and can definitely say my skin is much clearer. When the skin starts to become slightly red I pop some of the gel on straight away and the redness fades. It can be applied 3 times a day and under or on top of make up making it ideal if your on the move and a handy size to keep in your bag!

One of the samples the assistant kindly gave me was the Modern Friction exfoliator which works well and leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed before applying the gel and the other was BB cream which I haven't tried yet but it blended into my skintone nicely in store.

Overall it doesn't dry the skin out too much and is definitely the most successful blemish product I've tried so far! Would recommend to anyone! Another brand I'll be revisiting soon!
Have you tried any of the Origin products?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My First Outfit Of The Day

I was going out with some friends to a wedding fare in Glasgow today. One of my best friends is engaged and so we go in search of some inspiration for her big day! I liked my outfit and thought I would blog about it on here for the first time. Apologies for one or two photos are abit blurry. I recently cleared out my wardrobe and vowed to get more wear out of the things I rarely wear or try to 'keep good'. I have owned each piece of the outfit for at least a few months and for that reason I'm not sure on prices but hopefully this post will make you have a rummage in your wardrobe before buying something new next time.


The turqiouse shirt is from H&M and I also have this in leopard print. The bright colour made me feel quite summery today and this style of shirt in a pastel shade would be bang on trend for this season. The dark navy trousers are from Miss Selfridges and although I don't wear them reguarily, they have lasted me a long time and haven't stretched yet! The loafers are from Primark and look/feel better quality than their usual dolly shoes but they won't be much use if I get caught in the rain! Finally, my jewellery. The necklace was a gift from my best friend mentioned earlier and the LOVE ring is from Topshop.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 2012 Glossybox

I signed up for Glossybox this month. For those of you who don't know, when you sign up to GlossyBox they send out a box of 5 miniture goodies in the second half of each month. When you register you also fill in a beauty profile so that you receive products that suit you. Its a great way to sample products, the packaging is simple but beautiful and its something fun to look forward to in the post! Each Glossybox is £10 per month plus p&p and can be cancelled really easily at any time. Although the products are not always full sized, £10 is great value for money and the products are always of high quality. This is only my second Glossybox but I would recommend it to anyone! The brand have recently started doing GlossyBox for men which I think would be ideal for a gift too! So onto this months GlossyBox....

 As this is the June GlossyBox, the brand are helping everyone gear up for summer . In the UK this will probably involve buying a new umbrella and some wellies but I'm going to remain hopefully that we will get at least a few days of sunshine! Green People Sun Lotion will be perfect if my positivity is rewarded. The sun lotion is organic and contains tan accelerator. Its SPF15 which wouldn't be enough protection for my fair skin in the sunshine but could possibly wear it under make up for day to day use when the sun is not as strong. As mentioned above this is the beauty of GlossyBox because if I like the product I can simply buy the full size but in a higher SPF. The lotion feels and smells more like a moisturiser than a sun lotion which I like as sun lotion can often feel sticky. It also contains avocado and aloe vera which is soothing for the skin.This tube is 20ml and is perfect size to keep in my bag. I wasn't aware of the Green People brand before now but will definitely be having a wee browse on their website.

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer is perfect for creating a summer glow with or without the sunshine! I'm more of a blusher girl but when we had a mini heat wave a few weeks ago here in Scotland I switched to my No 17 Instant Glow Bronzing Pearls and received a few compliments. The BM beauty bronzer is more shimmery but easily blends into the skin and is oil free so won't clog my pores. The bronzer usually comes in 4g sifter jars but as I don't use bronzer often this 1g pot is great for me.

Next up is the Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush. The brush is made from goat hair which actually kinda freaked me out but its so soft! I don't tend to spend alot of money on make-up brushes, usually opting for the lower price range but this will make me think twice when purchasing brushes in future. Not only does it feel soft on my skin but applies blusher evenly over my cheeks. The usually price for this brush is £15 which even though I like it, is still quite pricey. However, I will continue to use it as my main blusher brush and if I grow to love it I may part with my cash.

I've heard quite alot about HD Brows recently but don't actually know anyone that has had anything done. As I have blonde hair/fair skin I also have blonde eyebrows and from far away they are pretty much invisible. I've only recently started to get them waxed which works well for me (apart from the pain!) and I rarely have to pluck them. The HD Brows Precision Tweezers look much more professional than the ones I currently use and also look like they could do more damage! The matte feel to them allows better grip but other than that I don't feel they are much better than my current tweezers. The fullsize price is £19.95 and although they look quite professional, I wouldn't purchase them at that price. Mainly because I wouldn't use them that often but I also feel you are paying for the name.

Finally, the Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick. When I saw this in the box I got quite excited as I suffer from hormonal break outs around my chin and this is for minor to severe skin flaws. The product wasn't a stick but came in a started kit allowing you to try shades to see which suited. It also claims to have 16 hour coverage and the before and after photos inside the kit were pretty impressive. Unfortunately I was disappointed with this product. It looks caked on my face and leaves my skin looking quite dried out. I applied the product from the started kit with my finger which is what is advised but I just feel it didn't blend into my skin in the way I had expected. I have only used the kit once so will give it another go in a few days and see how it goes then!

So my June GlossyBox has left me with mixed feelings! I'm pleased with three of the product but the last two just weren't for me. The not knowing whats coming is all part of the fun and its good to try new things even if you don't continue with them. I would still recommend GlossyBox to anyone, even just to make you aware of other brands that are out there!

What did you think of your GlossyBox this month?
Also, what do you guys do with your Glossybox's? Its too pretty to throw away!?


Monday, June 18, 2012

The Angels' Share

So this late night post is going to seem abit random as its not beauty/fashion related but I'm just home from a spontaneous trip to the cinema to see the The Angels' Share and wanted to share my thoughts!

The story line is based around new dad Robbie who, at the beginning of the film, avoids jail by the skin of his teeth. He then vows to turn over a new leaf and make a better life for his girlfriend and new born son. A visit to a whisky distillery inspires Robbie and soon, joined by his friends, comes up with a plan that could potentially offer a chance to escape their hopeless lives.

The film is set in Scotland, (so I guess I'm slightly biased) mainly around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Paul Brannigan who plays Robbie and John Henshaw who plays social worker Harry are the two stand out performances for me and the main reason I wanted to blog about the film.

 In the film Harry took the time to look out for Robbie, showed him kindness and gave him opportunities to better himself even though he was aware of his difficult and violent past because he believed that Robbie wanted to turn his life around. If I took anything away from the film its that a little kindess goes a long way and how people can be encouraged by your faith in them. As cheesy as it sounds, I honestly think if their was more kindess and love shown amongst us then the world would be a better and more hopeful place.

Quite deep for a Monday night but hopefully made you think! Would definitely recommend The Angels' Share,typical Scottish spirit and humour with lots of Irn Bru!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Glamour Mag Freebies - The Porefessional

I spotted on twitter recently that this months issue of Glamour magazine featured a free sample size of three seperate benefit products. I buy Glamour magazine every few months and this was definitely too good to miss! The three Benefit freebie products up for grabs is The Porefessional, Bad Gal Lash and That Gal. By the time myself and my best friend/fellow blogger fairytotheworld had the opportunity to pick up a copy the only freebie left was the porefessional balm which actually suited me fine.

The product is descriped as a translucent balm that can be applied under or over make up to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. I find the balm a really nice consistency and it feels like silk on my skin. This however could be a downfall of the product. Its hard to tell how much you need or how much you should use because it blends into the skin so easily and feels so smooth you just want to keep applying! The first time I used it I didn't really see much of a difference but after a few more goes, allowing some time for it to sink into the skin, it makes my skin appear more even when foundation is applied. The Porefessional also acts as a primer helping my make up stay on for longer and reducing shine in oily areas.

I like Benefit's packaging and fun approach to make up. I have used quite a few of their products but haven't purchased anything from the Benefit counter for a while. This fab freebie has reminded me of all the things I use to love about the brand.

Has anyone else picked up this months Glamour mag?


Friday, June 15, 2012

The Body Shop Vitamin E Trio

Yesterday I was shopping in Glasgow and spotted that The Body Shop had a 50% sale. This is perfect for someone like me who loves a bargain and often finds it hard to justify spending a fortune on expensive beauty products. The Body Shop has been on the high street for as long as I can remember but I am by no means a regular body shop customer. However, the big red sale sign was all it took to get me in store this time round. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but after looking at a few products I spotted this little packaged trio!

The Products are from the 'Vitamin E' range (which has been around since 1977!) and includes a moisture cream, nourishing night cream and an eye cream. The little package cost me £19.50 with the label claiming the contents are worth £28.50 so I saved ten smackers! (which I then spent in Nandos!) On many of The Body Shop's products is the 'Made With Pass!on' story which explains a little bit about the brands work in Ghana. Find out more here:

My skin is combination as I usually have an oily T-zone but dry else where. I am also prone to break outs around my chin so need something that is hydrating, soothing but not too thick/rich. The three products are for all skin types and claim to have 'antioxidant protection to promote a healthy looking complexion'. I have only used the products a few times so far but I am already in love!

I tend to use the moisture cream in the morning after I have cleansed my face. It provides a lightweight, smooth coverage and leaves my skin feeling hydated. Perfect start to the day and base for make-up.

The nourishing night cream is similar to the moisture cream and I apply it at night before bed. The cream does exactly what it says on the tin - nourishes. Both creams are quite thin which is good for summer time. A little goes a long way but it absorbs into the skin so quickly that a second layer could easily be applied if needed. The two products have a subtle rose scent which I really like.

I am always slightly wary of eye creams or putting products near my eyes as this area is so sensitive. The Vitamin E eye cream doesn't have much of a scent so it won't irrate the eyes and so far it seems to be quite soothing, reducing puffyness. It hasn't reduced the appearance of lines or dark circles as it claims to do but further time will tell. 

These three products feature as 'best sellers' on The Body Shop website and I can see why. Although I wouldn't normally have bought all three products at once at normal price, I will definitely consider repurchasing in the future and trying out more products from this range.


Friday, March 09, 2012

My Fashion Fun

Good evening world!
My name is Kirsten and today, the 9th of March 2012, I have officially started a blog! Really inspired by other blogs recently such as Beautycrush, Sprinkle of Glitter and StyleSuzi so thought I would try it for myself! I am a 20 year old Fashion Marketing student from Scotland. All being well I plan on updating my blog with my ramblings and fashion/beauty findings. If your reading this welcome aboard! Please bare with me until I get the hang of this :)

Fergie x